Miley Cyrus sparks fan theories after cryptically teasing new song ‘Used To Be Young’

Miley Cyrus’ smash hit single “Flowers” only left the number one spot a mere few weeks ago, but, if fan theories are to be believed, she’s already moving on to her next hit.

This year has already been one of Miley’s most successful. In January, “Flowers” hit number one around the world, and stayed there for months.

Her eighth studio album Endless Summer Vacation followed in March, once again scaling the music charts on both sides of the pond. Now, fans think she’s got something new in the works.

Over the weekend, cryptic posters began appearing in cities across the globe, from Los Angeles to Paris, and from New York to Brussels, suggesting that a new song could be on the horizon.

The black-and-white posters feature an image of the 30-year-old singer alongside different lyrics from her earlier hits, including “Wrecking Ball”, “Party in the USA” and “The Climb”.

One poster features the lyric “I say I used to be young”, from what fans believe is a yet-to-be-heard single entitled “Used to be Young.”


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New Used To Be Young poster found in NYC!! #MileyIsComing #UsedToBeYoung

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A separate poster shows a previously unseen promotional shot of the former Disney Channel star wearing a silver dress, blue jacket and matching bonnet, while she sports a pair of white sunglasses.

Buzz about potential new music began during an interview with British Vogue in May, when the star recited lyrics from a “new song” that she hoped to release “soon”.

The “Mother’s Daughter” singer revealed that she had recently been approached by a songwriter who offered her a track about getting wasted in a club, but she declined it, citing her ongoing sobriety journey.

In response, however, she was inspired to write music that reflected her reality, and she gave the interviewer a snippet of the lyrics: “I know I used to be crazy, I know I used to be fun. You say I used to be wild. I say I used to be young.”

Rumours surrounding the new single picked up steam earlier this month when Miley announced a 10th anniversary reissue of her fourth studio album, Bangerz, set to be released in September. 

In the official description of the reissue sent to record sellers, she appeared to tease the “Used to be Young” title once again.

“Reflect on when Miley Used To Be Young, by revisiting the beloved original hits such as ‘Wrecking Ball,’ ‘We Can’t Stop,’ and ‘Adore You’,” the description reads.

Miley Cyrus teases new single “Used to be Young” with cryptic poster and in the description of ‘Bangerz (10th Anniversary Edition)’ vinyl.

“I Say I Used to be Young.”

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Fans have read the use of capital letters in the description as an indicator that it’s a song title. 

While it seems likely that new music might soon make its way on to streaming services, some fans have gone as far to suggest that a whole new album could be on the cards.

Earlier this year, Miley’s sister Brandi revealed during a conversation on her Your Favourite Thing podcast that her favourite song from Endless Summer Vacation is one that hasn’t been released yet. 

“ Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Miley Cyrus’ 3x Platinum album Bangerz. Reflect back on when Miley USED TO BE YOUNG by revisiting the beloved original hits” – shop description for Bangerz 10th year anniversary

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“My favourite is actually not on here, it will be coming out later,” she revealed, leading to fan speculation that an Endless Summer Vacation volume two might exist.

Regardless of whatever Miley has cooking, it appears that her loyal fan base – affectionately dubbed Smilers – will eat it up.

This picture is very can’t be tamed coded I’m losing my mind #UsedToBeYoung

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– Cryptic posters appeared on streets

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This is so iconic

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