Married At First Sight UK star Ella Morgan helps to shut down anti-LGBTQ+ bigots at London Pride

Married at First Sight UK (MAFS) star Ella Morgan joined other Pride in London 2024 parade-goers in shutting down anti-LGBTQ+ protesters at the annual celebration.

Huge crowds of people came together for Pride in London on Saturday (29 June) for the 52nd annual parade.  

Pride in London’s campaign this year – #WeAreEverywhere – aims to respond to the UK’s current political climate, with LGBTQ+ identities’ under attack.

Participants held banners in honour of the campaign’s name, with messages such as “we built this city” and “London is so gay”. 

But among the joyful protesters celebrating the LGBTQ+ community were a small number of anti-LGBTQ+ bigots who stood near the start of the parade provoking participants with loudspeakers and signs.

The religious protesters at this years #PrideInLondon are once again getting drowned out by marchers – including LGBTQ+ celebs (we spotted Ella Morgan from Married At First Sight UK making her feelings known!)

— PinkNews (@PinkNews) June 29, 2024

‘Be not proud…’

The group held banners that read “be not proud for the lord hath spoke… a man’s pride shall bring him low”. 

Another banner read “what the bible says of the lord Jesus Christ: there is none other name under heaven… whereby we must be saved (Acts 4:12).” 

A different banner preached Romans 1 vs 27 and partly read: “Men with men working that which is unseemly and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet”. 

An anti-LGBTQ+ protest at Pride in London 2024. (PinkNews)

As Pride in London marchers went by they flipped fingers at the group, and drowned them out with chants, showing their defiance while waving their pro-LGBTQ+ banners. 

MAFS star Ella Morgan was also marching in the parade. She stopped to flip a finger at the group, an action that was met with cheers of joy, further drowning out the haters.

MAFS star Ella Morgan joined in by flipping a finger at the anti-LGBTQ+ protestors. (PinkNews)

Ella Morgan, who is transgender, has been a loud advocate for LGBTQ+ rights since appearing on the reality TV show. 

In April, she criticised the Cass Review for failing to listen to trans people before reaching its conclusions in an exclusive interview with PinkNews. 

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