Lil Nas X tops DaBaby on Spotify and fans declare: ‘The homosexuals prevail!’

Lil Nas X fans celebrated as he overtook DaBaby on Spotify, declaring the “gay agenda” had finally won.

As Lil Nas X’s stock continues to soar, DaBaby’s has plummeted.

One is a defiantly openly gay singer and rapper who rails against conservative lawmakers and gyrates on Satan. The other has been dropped by multiple headline gigs and lost brand partnerships after he ignited a firestorm of criticism for a homophobic, misogynistic, anti-HIV rant at a concert.

So guess which one is currently the most listened to on Spotify?

“Wow, this is insane,” Lil Nas X tweeted after his monthly listeners hit 52 million, surpassing DaBaby’s 51.8 million. “This is the most I’ve ever had in my career.

“Thank you to everybody listening.”

wow this is insane. this is the most i’ve ever had in my career. thank u to everybody listening.

— nope (@LilNasX) August 10, 2021


Lil Nas X fans declare: ‘The homosexuals prevail!’

The poetic justice was in no way lost on Lil Nas X’s 6.7 million followers, who praised him for proving that the gays really do keep on winning.

can’t believe you topped dababy

— Sam Stryker (@sbstryker) August 10, 2021

The homosexuals prevail!

— cmaddenn (@cmaddenn) August 10, 2021

if this isn’t the gay agenda then idk what is

— Zack (@patolaney15) August 11, 2021

Get his homophobic ass king

— Joe-dah-lay-dee-hoo (@promemester) August 11, 2021

Hell yeah. Well deserved. Dababy is trash anyways

— Karl Havok (@bnubs69) August 11, 2021

Lil Nas X’s most recent single, “Industry Baby”, has tallied more than 100 million streams on Spotify.

And with his debut album Montero slated for a mid-year release, Lil Nas X has hinted at what his future music may involve.

Taking to Twitter, he joked: “After I drop the album, I will finish with my gay era and returning to my cowboy era.”

That “cowboy era” saw the hitmaker shoot to fame with “Old Town Road”, which broke chart records and won two Grammys. It was also the era in which Lil Nas X dropped “Panini” and “Rodeo”, which featured Cardi B.

At the age of 22, Lil Nas X has already scored an array of Billboard top 10 singles and been certified platinum 14 times by the Recording Industry Association of America, the highest certification in the institution’s 69 years.

His debut album will include the singles “Industry Baby”, “Sun Goes Down” and the title track, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”.