Lil Nas X blows fans’ minds with his teen sexual exploits: ‘7th Grade?! I was collecting bracelets’

Our favourite attention-grabbing, Satan-lapdancing, religious-right-annoying rapper Lil Nas X is back in the headlines yet again: this time due to eye-opening revelations about how he explored his sexuality as a teen.

The superstar recently angered Christians when he shared promotional artwork on Instagram on 8 January, which showed an image of him portraying Jesus on the cross while it’s hoisted up by five people. 

On Thursday (7 March), he was in the news yet again after posting a snippet of his new song to X/Twitter, and it was jam-packed with a ton of sexually explicit lyrics. Buckle up, because this is quite a wild ride.

The song features Nas rapping: “Grindr sessions sexing with faceless accounts/ Bringing bodies in me then sneaking them out/ Back in middle school I was fiending for dick/ 7th grade, sending my homies some pics.”

nasarati 2 otw… trust me

— ☆ (@LilNasX) March 8, 2024

Usually, students who are in 7th grade are 11–13 years old, which is (arguably) a little bit too young to be fiending for anything other than shiny Pokémon cards and Haribo.

Unsurprisingly, the reaction to the clip was pretty much a collective “WTF did he just say??”, with many people taking to X to question what they had heard.

One person wrote: “Back in middle school you were WHAT?”

Another added: “7TH GRADE?!? I was collecting jelly bracelets.”

Macklemore: when I was in the 7th grade I thought that I was gay

Lil Nas x: hold my beer

— Cre (@y0lilb0ifriend) March 8, 2024

Others were a bit more laid back about Lil Nas X’s sexuality experiments, with one tweeting: “Middle school is when we start exploring and experimenting (curiosity). It’s somewhat a science/age behavioral thing.”

Another person agreed, saying: “People acting like being horny in middle school is a foreign concept. If that’s not your truth, fine, but don’t rag on someone else for speaking theirs. In 6th, 7th & 8th grade, boys were definitely on my mind (including being sexual with them).”

Another fan praised Nas for his honestly, writing: “This was many of our experiences as Black youth. My experience was when I was in High School. And…it was something! Lil Nas X I love that you’re speaking about your lived experience through music. It will be very important to many Black males who are navigating this.”

Lil Nas X has teased several new songs recently across all of his social media accounts, with many people speculating that he’s about to drop his second studio album after 2021’s wildly successful Montero.

Let’s hope so, as three years is a long time to wait for a new set of inflammatory gay bops.

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