Lady Bunny accuses ‘hypocritical’ RuPaul of ‘destroying the planet’

Drag legend Lady Bunny has accused her long-time friend and Drag Race host RuPaul of “destroying the planet” via “fracking” after the TV personality voiced his fears about the future of humanity.

Ahead of RuPaul’s new memoir The House of Hidden Meanings dropping this week (5 March), the drag icon spoke to journalist Ronan Farrow in an article in the New Yorker, and admitted his concern that the world is about to descend into war. 

“I’m fearing the absolute worst… we are moments away from f**king civil war. All the signs are there,” he said. “Humans on this planet are in the cycle of destruction. I am plotting a safety net.”

The 63-year-old went on to confirm that his “safety net” is a “fortified compound” of sorts, made of “concrete” and built on the 60,000-acre Wyoming ranch he shares with husband, author Georges LeBar.

Yet Lady Bunny, who met Ru back in the ’80s and moved to New York with him to further their drag careers, appeared to take issue with the Emmy winner blaming other humans for the “cycle of destruction” currently happening on Earth.

In a scathing Instagram post shared yesterday (3 March), Lady Bunny wrote: “So Ru is protecting himself from the climate’s ‘cycle of destruction’ which his fracking helps to create.

“He’s making himself safe while destroying the planet and he votes for and even writes song lyrics about the Clintons and Obamas [2017’S “Call Me Mother”] who sold fracking just as Biden drilled for more fossil fuels than Trump had.”

Last year, official figures showed that a record 13.2 million barrels of oil was being produced daily in the US, up on the 13 million per day being produced during Trump’s presidency.

Bunny, who has appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 as part of the “Lady Bunny Roast” and is still frequently referenced on the show, summarised her point: “Mama Ru fracks, Mother Nature dies.”

In 2020, RuPaul told in an interview with NPR that he leases land in Wyoming to oil companies.

When asked what he uses his 60,000 acres for, the Supermodel of the World confirmed that a “21st century ranch is really land management”.

“You lease the mineral rights to oil companies. And you sell water to oil companies. And then you lease the grazing rights to different ranchers. So it’s land management,” he explained.

“Hypocritically, Drag Race had the nerve to have a Climate Change Ball on Season 10 to raise awareness among viewers as to the dangers of the climate crisis,” Lady Bunny continued in her post.

“But Ru and his husband Georges will be in their bunker safe and sound away from floods and extreme weather which their actions, and Ru’s support for Dem frackers have caused.”

RuPaul and Lady Bunny in 2015. (Getty/Imeh Akpanudosen)

In his conversation with Ronan Farrow, RuPaul appeared “defiantly annoyed” as he addressed the fracking controversy, four years on from when it first hit the news.

“Do you buy gas?” RuPaul replied when questioned about the controversy. “Before you point the finger, smell it first, b*tch… There’s no combination of words I can put together that would soothe the mob.”

In the comments, Lady Bunny’s followers praised her for speaking out against her friend for the greater good of the planet.

“Bunny has actual guts and morals, she’s what real drag has always been about. Good for her speaking out against Ru and his hypocritical b*llshit,” one person wrote.

Another added: “If you can’t love your species and planet, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Representatives for RuPaul did not immediately respond to PinkNews’ request for comment.

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