Kaiser Chiefs star praised for wearing trans rights T-shirt on Michael McIntyre show: “icon behaviour”

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson delighted many prime time BBC viewers on Saturday night (3 February) as he was spotted on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show wearing a ‘Trans Rights Are Human Rights’ T-shirt.

It also appeared that the Kaiser Chiefs musician didn’t expect to be on television at all: he seemed to have been taken by surprise. In a section called ‘Unexpected Star’, he is secretly filmed going to a soft play ‘fun house’ with a ball pit which turned out to be a slide onto a BBC stage.

Once on stage, Wilson recovered in time to belt out arguably his band’s most famous song: I Predict A Riot.

Although it (thankfully) didn’t cause a riot, his choice of T-shirt certainly got people on Twitter/X talking.

ricky wilson (kaiser chiefs) thinking he’s been sent to an adult soft play centre which immediately turns into a stage and he performs classic KC hit “I predict a riot” his facial expressions, the trans ally shirt, the way he just switches into performance mode. CHEF KISS https://t.co/9kjQqmo2NI pic.twitter.com/nATTBEL3Sz

— earf ang3l (@qu33rpixie) February 4, 2024

User @caitlinsuncool summed up how a lot of people were feeling when they tweeted: “ricky wilson the man that you are. wearing a ‘trans rights are human rights’ tee on prime time national tv?? icon behaviour.”

However, some fans accused the BBC of ‘trying to blur’ the T-shirt Ricky was wearing – pointing out that the letters were illegible in the secretly filmed sections backstage.

In the great tradition of the Sex Pistols and Relax, the BBC tonight blurred out a tshirt saying “Trans Rights Are Human Rights” worn by Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson. Shows how cool we are. And how repressed and out of touch they are #MichaelMcIntyre #BigShow pic.twitter.com/dcUYEy5ORS

— India Willoughby (@IndiaWilloughby) February 3, 2024

@maidinoden said: “I can’t actually believe this. Ricky Wilson has come on stage wearing a “trans rights are human rights” shirt on the Michael McIntyre Show and the BBC are trying to blur it”.

However, others pointed out that – rather than being a conspiracy – the blurring effect was due to the fact the lighting behind the stage was dark, so cameras weren’t easily able to pick out the letters on his tee, making it look blurry.

On the main stage the letters stood out clearly, showcasing the important message that Wilson wanted to share.

User @si_underwood said; “Trans Rights shirt prominent spot on prime time Saturday night BBC1 thanks to a combination of Ricky Wilson being sound and excellent timing from a set up on Michael McIntyre’s show.”

You can watch Michael McIntyre’s Big Show on iPlayer for the next 30 days.

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