Interview with the Vampire boss teases season three after shock-filled finale

Interview with the Vampire showrunner Rolin Jones has teased what to expect in the third season of the show.

Warning: Spoilers follow.

Based on a novel by Anne Rice – the mother of gay author Christopher Rice – fantasy drama Interview with the Vampire follows Louis de Pointe du Lac (played by Game of Thrones‘ Jacob Anderson) as a vampire telling his “life” story to journalist Daniel Molloy (Billions star Eric Bogosian) for the purpose of publishing a memoir.

Featuring as much queer pining as one might expect, season two concluded recently and was immediately renewed by AMC.

Throughout season two, Louis was romantically involved with fellow vampire Armand (Assad Zaman, who was seen in Cucumber).

But it ended with a major twist came when Molloy revealed that Armand had been lying to Louis for 77 years, and had built their relationship on a lie: he had not saved his lover from “death”, but rather Louis’ previous partner Lestat (Sam Reid).

Louis and Lestat reunite tearfully, Molloy publishes his book against Louis’ wishes and is turned into a vampire by Armand, and Louis challenges all the vamps angry at him for speaking to Molloy. Although the dust is still settling on all that, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Jones has already hinted at what fans can expect for the third season.

“I just thought it was beautiful,” he said of the reunion between Louis and Lestat.

“It was such a fantastic way to wrap up the season. There [are] a lot of loose ends, a few things you really want to find out about, but there’s also a very, very satisfying conclusion. It’s this beautiful journey of Louis accepting himself and finding his feet and accepting the dark gift. And Lestat now sort of accesses his humanity a little bit as well.”

And Reid has said: “[Lestat] is in probably one of the worst places he’s ever been, but at least he’s got Louis back. They’re not back together, but at least they’re on talking terms. I know what he has been doing for that period of time. You can’t always play it, so it’s complex, but it’s very well plotted out.”

Jones said that while Louis and Lestat have been apart (at least in the present day) for all of series one and two, the relationship is the anchor of Interview with the Vampire.

 “It is very clear in the later books that this is not a relationship that gets thrown away,” he said.

“This is actually a central relationship. We’re just beginning to see the glimmer of forgiveness and accountability in that last scene between the two of them.”

Molloy and Armand will be appearing on screen together in season three, he added, and their new dynamic is the catalyst for more storylines for Louis.

“One’s a maker and one’s a fledgling,” he said, acknowledging the pair’s new relationship.

“We would be very, very poor dramatists if they were never in scenes together again. We just needed to set the stage for a lot of new writing for Louis. There’s new writing to be done for that character.”

Series one of Interview with the Vampire is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. Interview with the Vampire airs on AMC in the US.

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