How to get the most important LGBTQ+ stories sent straight to your WhatsApp

PinkNews has launched a new WhatsApp channel to bring the very best and most important of our LGBTQ+ news and content directly to you.

We’ll be using the channel to share as many as four important updates a day, making it even easier for you to keep informed about all things PinkNews.

From breaking news to in-depth features and agenda-setting exclusives, the PinkNews Whatsapp channel will include wider entertainment, politics and what-to-buy content from across the globe.

What is a WhatsApp channel?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging service and describes channels, a feature launched in June 2023, as a “simple, reliable and private way to receive important updates from people and organisations, right within WhatsApp”.

It’s a one-way broadcast tool for admins to send text, photos, videos, stickers and polls to followers. Simply put, it is a running feed of our best content, which does not feature the offensive rhetoric and vitriol often seen on social media platforms.

Given that WhatsApp aims to “build the most private broadcast service available”, you do not need to worry about your confidential information being shared with our admins. Following won’t reveal your phone number to them or other followers, meaning you can follow who you want, knowing it’s your choice and private.

How do I join the channel?

You can click on the link here or scan the QR code below to find the channel to get started.

Alternatively, subscribe to our WhatsApp channel by selecting the “updates” tab on your mobile phone app or “channels” tab on the WhatsApp web, typing in PinkNews and hitting the “follow” button.

How do I get notifications?

Want to make sure you never miss anything PinkNews? Turn those notifications on!

WhatsApp channels’ notifications are turned off as a default but they can easily be turned on so you always get all the latest news.

On the PinkNews WhatsApp channel, click the bell icon in the top right of the screen and… that’s it. You will now get an alert whenever we send a message to the channel.

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