Grindr’s new travel feature is for catching flights and feelings

Grindr really said “International Love” with its new travel mode, which will allow users to connect with others worldwide.

The trans-inclusive dating app is making it easier to be an LGBTQ+ travel-lover with its new travel mode, Roam. The feature sees gay, bisexual, trans and queer users being able to connect in different cities and countries.

Roam allows those on the app – which is rumoured to be introducing an “AI boyfriend” – to temporarily change their location settings if they’re jetting off somewhere so they can get to know the best LGBTQ+-friendly venues and locals before they even land.

The travel mode allows users to pick a new location for their profiles for up to one hour, giving them ample time to chat with fresh faces about where to eat, stay and play, and arrange a time to meet, if they so wish.

Roam is currently being tested in several markets across the globe, and will be launched to all users later in the year. 

Grindr CEO George Arison said via a statement: “Grindr is the connective tissue for the gay community around the world, and as we set out to fulfill our new mission, I’m excited to provide digital access to the important relationships, resources, and information that exist in so many physical Gayborhoods.

“With new features like Roam, we look forward to continuing to innovate the Grindr platform in order to meet the diverse needs of our users and drive a lasting impact for people everywhere.”

It seems that the app has even more exciting things ahead for users, following reports that Grindr will roll out an “AI boyfriend” bot. 

The trans-inclusive dating app recently announced it’s hoping to move away from hookup culture by focusing on features geared towards “long-term dating, travel, and professional networking”. 

As the world grapples with the future of AI, our favourite apps must also catch up. An idea to introduce “AI wingmen” on the popular dating platform was initially conjured up, with Bloomberg reporting the plans back in December.

However, Platformer reported that the app hopes to create “AI boyfriends” who will “engage in sexually explicit conversations with users” when they can’t find a real-life person to sext or hook up with in the early hours.

Grindr has not yet confirmed when it plans to launch the feature. At the time, PinkNews contacted a representative of Grindr for a comment on the matter.

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