Grandmother’s joyous reaction to drag queen grandchild is the purest, most heartwarming thing

A drag queen shared the adorable reaction their grandmother had to their drag in a heartwarming TikTok video.

TikTok user Twink Trash, a drag queen and opera singer, showed off a gorgeous, handcrafted, yellow and black ensemble in the clip.

The words “me doing drag for the past six years” appeared at the top of the screen as they finished zhuzhing the checkered look, which included a stunning top hat and a dramatically draped cloak, and strutted to show their grandmother.

The video then cuts to Twink Trash’s grandmother staring slack-jawed at the wondrous look.

“You look so great!” she exclaimed, quickly whipping out her phone and giving them a big thumbs up.

“Great job,” she added.

Twink Trash explained in the video that their grandmother “taught me to sew and appreciate fashion”.


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♬ im so proud of you – nira

The queen revealed via captions that they go into their grandmother’s room “every time I make a new outfit” so she can “take pictures for her church friends”.

They added that they love their grandmother “so much”.

Needless to say, TikTok followers adored the woman’s wonderful reaction to her grandchild’s amazing sewing skills and drag talent.

One person said it was the “most wholesome video I’ve ever seen” while another demanded Twink Trash “give her a hug from us”.

“This made me cry,” someone else wrote. “The genuine happiness and excitement for your creations.”

In the comments section, Twink Trash revealed that they had sat down with their grandma “and showed her some of your comments”.

“She’s beaming and so overwhelmed with love,” they wrote. “Thank you all for being so sweet.”


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Twink Trash posted a full view of the alluring black and yellow look on their Instagram. The queen wrote that they are “hella proud of this one” because the pattern is “all hand sewn” by them.

“It’s definitely one of my most technological constructions of a garment,” Twink Trash wrote. “I also didn’t fall while on these stilts so… low key kinda snapped.”