Exclusive: Drag Race UK’s Ginger Johnson reveals her thoughts on All Winners 2: ‘If RuPaul calls…’

Ginger Johnson, champion of Drag Race UK‘s fifth season, has revealed whether she’d return for another round of All Stars: All Winners.

We know what you’re thinking: Drag Race has enough spinoffs in the works. Just off the top of our heads, there’s the soon-to-be-announced Global All Stars, the sooner-to-be-announced Canada Vs. The World‘s second season and the ongoing All Stars 9.

But ever since 2022, when eight winners sashayed back into the Werk Room for the first time, fans have been naming the champions they want to see again, should a second series materialise.

Speaking to PinkNews about such a show, and ahead of hosting The [Clapham] Grand’s Pride After Party with MNEK, Drag Race UK‘s current reigning queen Ginger Johnson said: “Every time people ask me this, I have an existential crisis about it.”

One reason Ginger, who won season five of Drag Race UK, feels that way, is her belief that she, “fluked it the first time”.

Explaining in full, Ginger says: “Going into Drag Race, I never expected to win – not in a million years. And even in the moment when they were handing over the sceptre to me. I was like, ‘Oh, no, definitely not.’ So it was a big surprise in the first place!”

Ginger then – mercifully – adds that the answer’s not a straight (or even a gay) no, when it comes to All Winners. “On the other hand, if RuPaul calls you up, I don’t think you say ‘no’,” she teases.

And an All Winners season would be a great opportunity for a meet-and-greet with some of her own favourite Drag Race stars, she admits.

“If you think about who the other people on that, or what winners might be there, that would be a meet and greet for me! I could go and meet them all and I’d have a lovely time, you know – so, never say never.”

But a ruturn for Ginger would not be “very soon”, because Ginger is booked and blessed – not least with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Clapham Grand’s Pride After Party.

“I’ve got lots of other things going on, and I would want to be able to present a levelled-up version of myself. I’m not doing it this year, I’ll say that much,” she adds.s

Ginger’s fellow Drag Race UK winner Danny Beard recently explained why she’d “changed [her] mind” on the idea of an All Winners return, while Trixie Mattel has given the idea a firm thumbs-down.

Tickets for The Grand’s Pride After Party with MNEK, hosted by Ginger Johnson, are available now. The event starts at 9pm on Saturday (29 June), and is the venue’s “biggest and most diverse” Pride event yet.

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