Everyone is obsessed with this returning officer’s hat: ‘What a serve’

Election night is well underway and between a predicted Labour landslide and Reform UK’s initial strong performance in the north-east another story has capture people’s imaginations: the returning officer for Blyth and Ashington’s cracking outfit.

One of the first constituencies to declare, Blyth and Ashington in Northumberland saw Labour’s Ian Lavery hold his seat with 20,030 votes.

On social media though, people seemed to be much more interested in the returning officer’s outfit for the event, rather than any of the political goings-on.

The returning officer – Lucia Bridgeman – stood at the podium to announce the results in a royal blue ensemble with white ruffle. A look which late night election watchers called a “serve”, the “star of the night” and one person even likened it to one of Kate Winslet’s iconic costumes from Titanic.

According to a report from March by the Hexham Courtant, Bridgeman was appointed the High Sheriff of Northumberland for the 2024-25 tenure by King Charles.

The outfit she wore as returning officer seemingly being that of the High Sheriff.

Oh my GODS the returning officer for Blyth and Ashington, what a serve pic.twitter.com/w0IWOJXZfY

— Ballot Box Scotland (@BallotBoxScot) July 4, 2024

Blyth & Ashington spokesperson is an icon. pic.twitter.com/0BmYH3h3xc

— ThankYou Europe (@Thankyoueurope) July 4, 2024

Lucia Bridgeman’s hat is the star of the night #GeneralElection2024

— Francis Dunne (@limerickblog) July 4, 2024

The absolute drip from Blythe and Ashington’s returning officer pic.twitter.com/DmFOfzgiAt

— Neil Watson-Slorance (@neilslorance) July 4, 2024


— James Ball (@jamesrbuk) July 4, 2024

Me seeing the declaration in Sunderland Central after Blyth & Ashington pic.twitter.com/EetvK8O1BX

— Rich (@BatesInThePlace) July 4, 2024

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