Drag Race Holland unveils season 2 queens including a trans icon and international drag royalty

The Drag Race Holland season two cast is here, featuring international drag royalty, a genuine trans icon and the “best butt in the world”.

World of Wonder (WOW) announced on Tuesday (27 July) the 10 queens set to join Drag Race Holland season two. The new series debuts 6 August on the subscription streaming service WOW Presents Plus and on Videoland in the Netherlands.

On top of the new cast list, WOW confirmed that Dutch stylist and presenter Fred van Leer will return to host the drag competition after a successful first season. Whoever wins the second season will join the Drag Race Holland hall of fame alongside series one winner Envy Peru.

The winner will also take home a €15,000 cash prize, a crown and sceptre from Fierce Drag Jewels, a beauty editorial in Dutch Cosmopolitan and a spot onstage at Amsterdam’s Milkshake Festival 2022.

Without further ado, here is the full cast of queens joining Drag Race Holland season two.


Ivy-Elyse brings Asian representation to the amazing cast of queens for Drag Race Holland season two. (World of Wonder/Videoland)

Ivy-Elise queen is based in Amsterdam and wants to set an example for the Netherlands and for the Asian community through her appearance on the show. She is also one of the founders of The Mermaid Mansion alongside Drag Race Holland‘s first winner Envy Peru and finalist Miss Abby OMG.

Juicy Kutoure

Juicy Kutoure says her appearance on Drag Race Holland season two is a “big middle finger from her to all the haters”. (World of Wonder/Videoland)

This lively queen says that participating in Drag Race Holland is a “big middle finger” to all of her “haters” who excluded her because she was “different”, according to the press release for this season.

Keta Minaj

Keta Minaj, aka “The Dutchess”, promises to bring fierce performances to the Drag Race Holland stage for season two. (World of Wonder/Videoland)

This powerful queen is also known for her moniker “The Dutchess”, and her conceptual and regal appearance will surely impress Drag Race fans.

Love Masisi

Love Masisi serves up a fierce look as she joins the cast of queens for Drag Race Holland season two. (World of Wonder/Videoland)

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Love Masisi has performed on stages around the world before settling in Amsterdam. She also once won an award for “best butt in the world”, according to WOW.

My Little Punny

My Little Punny has a background in dance and theatre which could help her get ahead on the second season of Drag Race Holland. (World of Wonder/Videoland)

Artist My Little Punny is a new queen who has established her name in Amsterdam’s competitive drag scene. She has a background in theatre and dance, making her a fierce performer to watch.

Reggy B

Reggy B will sashay onto Drag Race Holland season two runway. (World of Wonder/Videoland)

The dancer once made a guest appearance at one of Miss OMG’s shows, and her drag identity Reggy B was born. Her striking looks draw inspiration from modern pop culture and are as eye-catching as they are colourful.


Dutch drag legend Tabitha will compete on Drag Race Holland season two. (World of Wonder/Videoland)

Performer Tabitha is a legend in the Dutch drag scene, and her years of experience in nightclubs shows with her ability to command any stage.

The Countess

The Countess is one of the youngest queens to join the Drag Race Holland season two cast. (World of Wonder/Videoland)

One of the younger queens this season, The Countess has branded herself as a “female illusionist based on a true fantasy”. Last season, the queen did van Leer’s makeup, but now she’s stepping onto the stage to show off her striking creations.

Vanessa Van Cartier

Vanessa van Cartier is the drag mother of Drag Race Holland season one winner Envy Peru. (World of Wonder/Videoland)

The Flemish-Italian queen made history as the first European to win the Miss Continental pageant in Chicago. On top of her status as a trans icon, she is also the drag mother of Envy Peru.


Vivaldi will compete on Drag Race Holland season two. (World of Wonder/Videoland)

The 22-year-old queen is a true artist as shown by his knowledge of all things wigs, fashion and make-up. Vivaldi provided host Fred van Leer’s wigs in season one, and is ready to showcase her intricate works on the Drag Race Holland runway.