Bridgerton’s Jessica Madsen reacts to calls for romance between Eloise and Cressida

Sorry Bridgerton fans, Jessica Madsen has ruled out any relationship between her character Cressida and Eloise.

The actor dropped the news while discussing the relationship between her character and the fifth Bridgerton child, played by Claudia Jessie.

She addressed the “Creloise” dynamic, saying that she loved the idea but didn’t see it happening.

“It is just a friendship”, she told Refinery29. “One we see, by the end, in tatters. I do so hope they can find a way back to each other, but a big apology from Cressida is in order after some processing and digesting.”

The pair became inseparable following a feud between Eloise and Penelope Bridgerton, played by Nicola Coughlan. The duo quickly became a favourite among fans, who love the chemistry between them in the hit Netflix series.

There will be no queer romance for Cressida. (YouTube/Bridgerton)

Madsen said she loved the pairing, adding: “As a queer woman, it fills my heart with so much joy to see that there is a hunger for queer romance on the show.”

She hinted that there were lots of twists and turns to come in season three, saying that a queer romance might be on the horizon.

“Fans will not be disappointed by the end of this season,” she said. “We do get to see the beginning of queer romance, but for Creloise, it’s just a friendship.”

Cressida telling Eloise that she was interested in Lord Debling, was an exciting moment for Madsen. “I love that line because she thinks she can just pick him, and it will happen, which shows her innocence and her ignorance – or optimism,” the star said.

“We do actually see her open up to him and see that this is a man who isn’t as fond of his family, like her, and she’s like: ‘This could be someone I could spend my life with’.

“I love those little moments between them when we start to see her actually open up a bit.”

Bridgerton is streaming on Netflix now.

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