Beyoncé wears a sheer lace bodysuit for her train commute in Japan

Beyoncé really said “16 Carriages” with her latest endeavour: wearing a sheer lace bodysuit while on a train in Japan.

On 19 April, the “Texas Hold ‘Em” hitmaker shared her impressive commuter look during a press run in Japan for her record-breaking album, Cowboy Carter

In a slight shift away from her cowboy-inspired style, the singer swapped out her Stetson hat and chaps in place of a velour headband and burgundy lace bodysuit for an outing with her husband Jay-Z. 

She accessorised for the country’s crisp spring weather with a camel plaid cape, matching thigh-high boots and a Chloé belt. However, she did pick up her iconic hat once more for an impromptu photoshoot.

Despite her striking fashion choices, the singer managed to wander around unnoticed in public, including walking through the train station and boarding a public train. Her bodyguard made an appearance at one point, though.

Her fans were pretty shocked at her public appearance, with one fan replying to the post: “SIS TAKING PUBLIC TRANSITS?!?!”, and another adding: “Imagine looking down at your phone not realizing Beyonce just walked past you.” A third echoed: “That guy missed the most incredible moment of his life being on his damn phone!”

When she’s not absolutely slaying on public transport in Japan, Beyoncé is busy making history as the first Black woman to earn a number-one country album on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart with her latest album.

The singer’s lead single from the album “Texas Hold ‘Em” made the star the first Black woman to top the Billboard country charts, and Beyoncé continues to break records with Cowboy Carter.

On 7 April, Billboard confirmed the accolade, stating that the singer’s latest release reached “No. 1 on Top Country Albums, making Beyoncé the first Black woman ever to have led the list”.

Her new album — which marks the first full-length album in the genre for the singer — also reached the top spot on the Billboard 200 and is her eighth album to do so. The star has even overtaken Janet Jackson as the fourth-most chart-topping albums among women, according to the magazine.

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