Anti-LGBTQ+ group One Million Moms are furious at Hilton Hotels – for saying ‘slay’ in an advert

Anti-LGBTQ+ group One Million Moms (OMM) has accused Hilton Hotels of “pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda,” for, essentially, putting out an advert in which people wear pink and say the word “slay”.

The right-wing Christian group is targeting the hotel and resort company over a 30-second advert that promotes the Hilton Honors loyalty reward programme, which offers “celebrity treatment, no matter where you are”.

The ad features Paris Hilton entering a hotel lobby, surrounded by other holidaymakers dressed in her classic pink aesthetic, and wearing blonde wigs. The individuals speak using popular online terms, such as: “Hilton Honors slays.”

In a post on their website, OMM – which is believed to have only a fraction of one million members – accuses the hotel chain of “pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda with this commercial, which depicts individuals, couples and families, all in obviously gender-confused roles,” and of “glamorising sin”.

The anti-LGBTQ+ hate group One Million Moms (OMM) has accused Hilton of “obviously pushing the LGBTQ agenda” with its commercial that features people of a variety of genders decked out in pink clothing and blonde wigs.

The group is asking folks to sign a petition urging Hilton…

— Rainbow Youth Project USA (@RainbowYouthUSA) March 25, 2024

However, in the ad, no one talks about, or reveals, their gender or sexual identity at any point.

“Obviously, Hilton is refusing to remain neutral in the culture war”

“This ad is inappropriate on many levels and is attempting to desensitise viewers,” OMM claims. “Hilton should avoid aiming to please a small percentage of consumers while pushing away conservative customers. Obviously, Hilton is refusing to remain neutral in the culture war.

“Of course, there is concern about how this advertisement pushes the LGBTQ +agenda, but it is also of great concern that the commercial airs when children will likely be watching television.”

OMM is run by the staunchly conservative American Family Association (AFA), whose board of directors includes no women, let alone mothers.

One Million Moms have previously petitioned against the Disney+ short film Out. (Twitter)

The group urges people to sign its petition directed at Hilton Hotels, which reads: “I am not buying into your social agenda that pushes the gay lifestyle. Your commercial featuring a homosexual couple and men in drag offends me, and it also offends many other conservative consumers.

“I disagree with the LGBTQ+ agenda you are forcing on families and children… I will not support or use Hilton while your company airs commercials featuring same-sex couples or ads pushing the LBGTQ agenda.

“I urge Hilton to pull your LGBTQ-inclusive ads immediately. Please stick to promoting your services without making political or social statements.”

The petition currently has fewer than 12,000 signatories.

This isn’t the first time the group has targeted the LGBTQ+ community. Previously, the organisation has waged war on Oreos for an advert featuring queer kids in loving homes, targeted the short Disney film Out, protested against an eHarmony ad for featuring a lesbian couple, declared Macy’s Thanksgiving parade had an agenda by including non-binary individuals, and boycotted Marvel for “blatant LGBTQ+ content”.

The AFA has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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