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  1. Jackie McKethen, Executive Producer, Director and Host of "The Jackie Oooo Show" says:

    Jackie Oooo SHOW
    ON: FenMark.net
    Sunday’s @ 3PM (CST) 4pm (EST)
    It is a TWO HOUR weekly show every Sunday at 3 PM CST. The show is for transgenders and the transgender community, although every attempt will be made to encourage the general public to listen. My goals are to provide assistance, support and information to the transgenders. I will provide guests and programming to answer questions, help with advice and information. I will actively push the envelope regarding issues of, and in, the transgender community. I will have guests ranging from therapists to government officials and civic leaders to discuss the issues, as well as others that can offer help or advice to the transgenders that have questions. The last goal is to educate the public in order to achieve support and understanding from them. We will have guests, set up a phone for call ins to ask questions, do location broadcasts at conferences, support group meetings and special events. This will be Your tool for communicating and bringing the community together. This show will advocate for equal rights, respect, understanding and dignity. The show will be live every Sunday at the times noted above, and will be available in “archives” 24/7/365 afterwards. We will look forward to any suggestions, comments or ideas and feed back at mckethinc@aol.com . We hope to have location shows at support groups, transgender conferences, events such as the “Pride Parade”, LGBT Olympics, etc.

    This flyer may be copied and distributed
    Jackie McKethen, Executive Producer, Director and Host of “The Jackie Show”

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