12 amazing and downright campy neon signs every over the top gay needs in their home

If you’re fed up of staring at the same four walls at the moment and thinking your home could really do with brightening up, then what better than some neon lights?

There are loads of different designs out there to spruce up a bedroom, living room or even kitchen – including neon lettering that says ‘diva’ and ‘queen’, pizza symbols and space -hemed ones with aliens and planets all available.

Once the neon signs are hanging up in your house it’ll make you feel like you’re out at your favourite outdoor place like a bar or restaurant or even club (sort of – you might need to use your imagination a bit for that).

We’ve found some of the best neon signs you can get for every budget to get stuck into a new lockdown project. Check them out below including where to buy them.

The purple sequin ‘Diva’ neon sign. (OliverBonas)

This ‘Diva’ neon sign is a delight. It comes in a transparent box and is paired with an iridescent sequin backdrop while the neon is a bright purple. It’s priced at £110 and if you think this ‘Diva’ sign is fitting for you, you can get it from oliverbonas.com.

The neon ‘Disco’ sign light box. (Amazon)

If you’re after a cheaper neon sign for your house but still want one that’s just as fabulous as the other ones on this list then you can get this ‘Disco’ one from Amazon. The purple neon sign is priced at £39.99 and also comes in a box. This one is lighter so you’re able to hang it up on the wall for those lockdown discos or get it ready for the house parties you’ll be able to have once the pandemic is over… plus you can also get ‘Bar’ and ‘Recording’ ones from the same seller. They’re available from Amazon here.

The Hello There/Hell Here neon sign inspired by Batman Returns. (CustomNeon)

This one is for the Catwoman fans as its inspired by the ‘Hello There/Hell Here’ sign from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns film. The pink neon sign features in the apartment of Selina Kyle played by Michelle Pfeiffer and has become a cult favourite feature in the film series. Now fans can get their own version of the sign for a hefty £329 from customneon.co.uk. 

A pizza slice neon LED sign. (NotOnTheHighStreet)

For the pizza fans, this neon sign is a perfect edition to your kitchen area. It’s similar to the neon signs we see in classic shows and films that are based in New York that you can now find in local pizzerias. To get your own slice of neon it’s available from Not On The High Street and is priced at £200. You can purchase it from the website here.

A selection of the cheaper neon signs available from Amazon. (Amazon)

Some cheaper signs available include these designs. You can choose from neon lights that hang on the wall to ones with a stand that can perch on a coffee table. These ones are varied in price with the cactus and cloud priced just under £13, while the banana is priced at £34.99. To get them go to the Amazon website here.

Some cheaper matching neon signs that you can buy individually. (Amazon)

Meanwhile, these are some more available from Amazon which you can buy individually for your home or you can buy a couple to mix and match as part of a feature wall. The prices of these ones range from £12-£17 and include lips, planets, aliens and ‘love’ quote. But there are loads more including lightening bolts, moons, ‘good vibes’ quotes and rainbows. They’re all available on the neon Amazon page here.

You can get a customised neon sign print with any text you want. (NotOnTheHighStreet)

If the ones on this list don’t take your fancy then you get a personalised neon print from Not On The High Street. Obviously this one isn’t neon but the bright prints would stand out on any feature wall. Just choose whatever text you want the print to say then you can choose your preferred colour including pink, blue, purple and white plus whether you want it in portrait or landscape. It’s priced at £28 and available from notonthehighstreet.com.

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