11 ‘Say Gay’ products you can buy to fight back against Florida’s hateful bill

Following the passing of the hateful ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill in Florida, LGBT+ people and allies are fighting back.

The bill, officially titled the Parental Rights in Education Bill, bans the discussion of LGBT+ topics in classrooms from kindergarten to third grade.

In March Florida governor Ron DeSantis officially signed the state’s hateful bill into law, while tragically surrounded by school students.

Since then a number of LGBT+ artists and independent stores have created “Say Gay” merch to support LGBT+ people in Florida and beyond.

Plus proceeds from some of the products will be donated towards the fight against ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bills that are being passed and proposed in the US.

Below we’ve put together a guide of some of the best “Say Gay” merch you can buy, including t-shirts, stickers and badges.

“Say Gay” tote bag. (TheTeeService/Etsy)

This tote bag has been created by independent Etsy store, The Tee Service to show love and support for LGBT+ kids, teens, parents, and teachers after the passing of the bill in Florida.

100 percent of the profits from The Tee Service’s “Say Gay” merch will be donated to fight passed and proposed “Don’t Say Gay” bills across the US.

The tote bag features a “Say Gay” slogan in rainbow colours, and you can buy it in a number of different colours including white, black, fuchsia and violet for £28.86 on Etsy here.

The Etsy store is also selling a t-shirt and pillow with the same slogan design in different colours, which you can find here.

A “Say Gay” slogan mug. (TheTeeService/Etsy)

You can also get a matching “Say Gay” mug from The Tee Service, so you can drink the tears of homophobes who will be kicking and screaming if they saw the mug. Or you can just use it for tea or coffee, whatever you prefer.

Again, 100 percent of the profits from this mug will go towards fighting passed and proposed bills. It’s priced at £14.38 and you can get it from Etsy here.

Don’t Say Gay, Shout It t-shirt. (scarlethag/Etsy)

This t-shirt is telling everyone to not just say gay, but to shout it loud and proud. It also features a megaphone with a rainbow pouring out of it, because gay rights. It’s available from a queer merch store on Etsy and it’s priced at £16 and you can buy it here.

This t-shirt uses the outline of Florida. (PinkRobotShirts)

This t-shirt features an outline of the state of Florida with the word “Gay” etched throughout, alongside “repeat after me…”. It’s perfect if you want to make a statement when standing up against the Don’t Say Gay bill. The t-shirt is priced from £19 and you can get it from Etsy here.

A rainbow pin in the shape of Florida. (QueerLittleShop/Etsy)

This badge from Queer Little Shop also uses the Florida state, this time turning it into a rainbow. You can wear it on your jacket or backpack and rep LGBT+ Pride and support those in Florida. It’s priced at £2.50 and you can get it from Etsy.

A “Say Gay” badge”. (QueerLittleShop/Etsy)

Another badge from the Queer Little Shop on Etsy is this one, which reads “Say Gay” in rainbow colours. The independent store say that LGBT+ rights “are under threat all over the world” and these badges will help support those in Florida and beyond.

A “Say Gay” sticker. (sophiegreen/Etsy)

This vinyl sticker reads “Say Gay!” alongside rainbow colours and it can be displayed in your window to show solidarity with the LGBT+ community. It’s priced from £2 and you can get it from Etsy here.

A set of pins. (ArtisticGiftGiving/Etsy)

You can get this set of four pins which read “Say Gay”. They’ve been designed by an LGBT+ artist and you can share them with your friends and family so you can match and all rep the phrase with pride. They’re priced from £9 and you can get them from Etsy.

Just Say Gay t-shirt. (BootsTees)

This cute t-shirt reads “Just Say Gay” alongside a little rainbow design. One reviewer wrote: “Can’t wait to wear it on my upcoming Flordia vacation”, and we love to hear it. The t-shirt is priced at £24 and you can get it from Etsy.

A tank top. (marchforthemovement/Etsy)

Summer is approaching which means the tank tops are coming out, so why not wear one that also supports the LGBT+ community. This shirt reads “Say Gay” and is perfect to rep some pride while you’re on holiday. It’s available to buy from Etsy here.

A 90s-style t-shirt that says “GAY”. (TheInternetClubUK/Etsy)

If you want a t-shirt that’s simple but just as effective as the others on this list, then you can get this one which simply reads “GAY”. The 90s-style t-shirt resembles the Gap logo and is a stylish statement. This one is priced at £16 and you can get it from Etsy here.

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